Likes Lead to Nothing and Other Hard-Learned Lessons of Social Media Marketing

More and more number of businesses is leveraging the power of social media in order to attract a huge number of traffic or leads. With the rise of social media marketing, many brands have started to invest most of their time and money in it, but still they are confused about which marketing channels would be helping then to gain more return on investment

According to a study conducted by a SEO Vaughan it has been seen that the amount of money set aside for SMM has seen a tremendous rise.  Unlike the past few years, the amount of money that is now being invested by big brands has raised by 3.5%. It is expected that the market will witness a steady rise in the near future.

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Some Brands Don’t Agree To It

In the ever-increasing world of social media, some brands have stated that social media haven’t made any impact on their business. One can’t deny the fact that social media serves as an important tools for gauging customer’s insights about a brand. For example, brands after taking advice from customers can improve their products.

However, SEO Vaughan feels that brands sometime make mistakes within the social medial platform. The mistakes should be strictly avoided. The mistakes are:


Not Being Social Enough

Commercial appeals or advertisements are very irritating. Ads in between videos can be very disturbing. Hence, brands should try to strike a conversation with consumers and through conversation strike a message.

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Prioritizing Technology over Substance

Marketers often try to focus on short-term promotions instead of passing on long-lasting brand values on the mind of consumers. Hence, if any brands try to focus on the number of likes they are gaining, it’s of no use unless there are no purchases.

Forgetting Consumers Control the Brand

Some leading SEO Vaughan feels that marketers forget that the consumers have total control over the social media. For example, consumers can decide on which message they would give importance and to whom they won’t. Thus, they can judge the messages that are posted by brands.

Communicating Inappropriate Messages

Businesses should remember that social media serves as a powerful marketing tool. The message that a brand decides to put can break or make a business. Sometimes a message can receive a negative reaction. It can definitely affect the business. Promoting a brand at events which is not related to niche business can prove costly for a business. Hence, only apt message related to the business should be posted.

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Responding To Queries

SEO Vaughan experts feel that brands should react to social media negativity in a positive way. Brands should respond to queries of customers in real time. It can help a business to gain positive reputation and help a brand become popular.

Remaining Funny

Social media is a platform where people acknowledge humor till it goes with the brand image. With engaging videos, a brand can easily sell their products. However, the video should be powerful to gain the attention of audience.

A SEO Vaughan feels these are some hard-earned lessons which every brand should keep in mind. Marketers are taking the help of social media marketing principles in order to implement for their business and reap tremendous benefits out of it.